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• The Event of the Century
• My All, His All
• Glory Filled the Land
• Scotland Saw His Glory: A History of Revivals in Scotland
• Salvation in Full Color
• Sanctify the Congregation: A Call to the Solemn Assembly and to Corporate Repentance
• Revival
• The Turn of the Tide
Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel

• Lord I Agree
• Backsliding
• Spiritual Drunkenness
• The Legal Limit on Sin
• Unalienable Rights
• The Solemn Assembly
• The American Vine
• Revival at Wheaton

An Apprenticeship of Faith

by J. Edwin Orr

Chronicles Orr's travels as a young man and God's wonderful provision on those journeys. Those familiar with great books on answered prayer, including Rees Howells, Intercessor and the Autobiography of George Mueller, will find this book similarly moving and inspiring.

$6.95 paper
ISBN 0-926474-04-9xvi, 144 pp.

Campus Aflame

by J. Edwin Orr

Who today would guess that Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and many more of our major universities were once evangelical schools with faculty and students who fervently prayed for God to bring revival and then experienced it!? First covering the evangelical heritage of higher education, early evangelical revival, and the dark period following the American revolution, Orr then records the truly exciting history of the many revivals on college campuses in the UK, the US and abroad. Final chapters are given to the pattern and theology of college revivals.

$14.95 paper
ISBN 0-926474-07-3, 286 pp.

The Event of the Century

by J. Edwin Orr

An account of the 1857-1858 awakening covering the historical conditions of the period, the movement's origins, its lightning-like spread around the USA, its profound effects upon blacks, businessmen and students, the impact of the movement in Canada and Jamaica, and the pre-eminence of prayer throughout. Extensive footnotes, endnotes, full bibliography and index.

$27.50 cloth
ISBN 0-926474-01-4xviii, 384 pp.

My All, His All

by J. Edwin Orr

Billy Graham's introduction speaks of the blessing Orr's books were in his early years and of the meetings they held together that led to the first edition of this book; a "how-to" manual of the Christian life. Covers repentance, forgiveness of sins, confession, the settlement of grievances, sins of the tongue, sins of impurity, the Holy Spirit, the power and the gifts, and many other crucial matters. Orr' encourages holding nothing back from the Lord; that no one could know God's all until God was in possession of their all. Originally entitled Full Surrender, this revised and enlarged edition was completed shortly before his death in 1987.

$14.95 cloth
ISBN 0-926474-02-2xiv, 170 pp.

Glory Filled the Land

by H. Elvet Lewis, G. Campbell Morgan, and I.V. Neprash

Taverns going out of business for want of customers, policemen with nothing to do but sing at prayer meetings, mules who can't work the mines because they don't understand the gentle words of their "new" masters! This wonderful and astonishing piece on the Welsh revival of 1904-1905 contains a first-hand account by a native Welshman, Morgan's impressions of his visit, and a biographical work on Evan Roberts, a man greatly used during the revival. David R. Mains says, "Read what's here. Then reread these pages. Then prayerfully read them again. Then consider yourself welcomed to the hungry ranks of those who pray to God that similar accounts will be written about our day as well!"

$17.95 cloth
ISBN 0-926474-00-6xvi, 204 pp.

Scotland Saw His Glory: A History of Revivals in Scotland

Compiled and edited by Richard Owen Roberts

Hugh Miller, describing the effects of the revival in Easter Ross, Scotland in the eighteenth century, wrote that they were felt "for more than eighty years after. There were few dwellings,, however humble, in which regularly as the day rose and set, family worship was not kept; and in the course of an evening walk, the voice of Psalms might be heard from almost every hamlet."

This volume, compiled principally from a very scarce work by W.J. Couper of Glasgow (only 37 copies were printed) details Scotland's rich spiritual heritage from John Knox and the Reformation through Moody and Sankey's visits in 1881.

$21.95 Cloth
ISBN 0-926474-16-2, 351 pp.

Salvation in Full Color

Edited by Richard Owen Roberts

This volume contains twenty powerful sermons preached during America's Great Awakening on salvation . It includes Frelinghuysen on "Dead Works," Tennent on "Adoption," Whitefield on "The Work of the Holy Spirit," Timothy Dwight on "The Character of God," and many more.

$17.95 paper
ISBN 0-926474-12-X, xxiii, 362 pp.

Sanctify the Congregation:
A Call to the Solemn Assembly and to Corporate Repentance

Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.

Early American Christians dealt with corporate sin by what the Old Testament calls a Solemn Assembly, and this volume contains sermons preached on those occasions. "The Danger of Not Reforming Known Evils," "The Sad Tendency of Divisions and Contentions in Churches," and twelve other powerful fast day messages are given along with appendices containing calls to corporate repentance issued by government bodies and American church leaders between 1645 and 1753.

$18.95 paper
ISBN 0-926474-10-3, 338 pp.


by Richard Owen Roberts

What is revival? When is revival needed? When can revival be expected? What truth must revival emphasize? What are the dangers of revival? What hinders revival? Will the fruits of revival last? This edition includes a selected bibliography.

"...The best book of the decade on revival." Warren Wiersbe

$8.95 paper
ISBN 0-940033-36-4, 159 pp.

ISBN 0-940033-37-2, 159 pp.

The Turn of the Tide

by W. Vernon Higham

The tide has been out for a very long time and the beaches have become cluttered with debris. Some people have begun to say that the tide will never come in again; pitching their tents on the water's edge and even daring the waves. Yet Vernon Higham believes that revival can still be expected, and in this book, bases on a series of expository addresses preached at the Evangelical Movement of Wales Annual Conference in Aberystwyth, West Wales, he writes of our tremendous need, earnestly hoping that the turn of the tide is near once again!

$7.95 paper
ISBN 0-926474-15-4, 124 pp.

Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel

by Richard Owen Roberts

Foreword by Henry Blackaby

Published by Crossway Books, Wheaton IL

$19.99 Paperback 368 pages


Lord I Agree

by Richard Owen Roberts

This pamphlet contains "Twelve Articles of Explicit Agreement Between the Covenant Keeping God and the Reviving Believer," urging repentance of every disagreement with God as the only possible guarantee of spiritual prosperity.

$1.00 pamphlet
ISBN 0-926474-06-5, 16 pp.


by Richard Owen Roberts

Opens with Jeremiah's message to Israel and a vivid analysis of their backslidden condition. 25 modern evidences of backsliding are then given, calling the reader to careful self-examination and reminding of God's plain words to backsliders: "Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings." (Jeremiah 3:22)

$1.00 pamphlet
ISBN 0-926474-05-7, 16 pp.

Spiritual Drunkenness

by Richard Owen Roberts

Drunken persons walk with great unsteadiness of foot, are tragically affected by severely impaired judgment, given to unprovoked fighting, lose their natural inhibitions, and have an awful ability to destroy not only their own bodies, but the lives of those around them as well. This describes the spiritual state written of by the prophet in Jeremiah 13:12-17. The pamphlet is an exposition of that passage, and covers the cause, the effects, and the cure of spiritual drunkenness.

$1.00 pamphlet
ISBN 0-926474-08-1, 20 pp.

The Legal Limit on Sin

by Richard Owen Roberts

An exposition of 1 Thessalonians 2:13-16: God has allotted to every single entity a measure of sin. When that measure is full, the wrath of God falls upon that entity to the utmost. The teaching is laid out in seven propositions, entreating the believer to repent of all sin right now, and by the grace of God, to live with earnest determination to be pure and innocent before God.

$1.00 pamphlet
ISBN 0-926474-13-8, 20 pp.

Unalienable Rights

by Richard Owen Roberts

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..." United States Constitution. Profound words, yet how easily we forget that the Creator, too, has unalienable rights. Speaking directly to the American people (yet also to any who would follow God), we are reminded of the many rights that the Lord justly holds, and are implored to return to the Lord all that is His, for no nation can survive that overthrows the rightful rule of the Creator.

$1.00 pamphlet
ISBN 0-926474-09-X, 20 pp.

The Solemn Assembly

by Richard Owen Roberts

Provides an historical analysis of Solemn Assemblies, showing their prominence in connection with the numerous revivals of religion in Jewish history, something of their use in the history of the church, an explanation of their spiritual significance and necessity in connection with corporate repentance, and ten practical suggestions regarding the use of the Solemn Assembly today.

$1.00 pamphlet
ISBN 0-926474-03-0, 16 pp.

The American Vine

by Benjamin Dorr

Prior to and during America's Civil War, a tremendous degree of moral and spiritual concern was demonstrated among Americans from both the North and the South. Urgent fast days were called, and among the most potent of the numerous published calls to corporate fasting, prayer and repentance issued was The American Vine: A Sermon on Occasion of the National Fast January 4, 1861, reprinted here.

$1.00 pamphlet, 16 pp.

Revival at Wheaton

by Mary Dorsett

First-hand accounts of revival at Wheaton College in 1936, 1943, 1950, and 1970 printed in the hope that it will stir prayer for a fresh visit from the Spirit at Wheaton and at other schools.

$1.00 pamphlet
ISBN 0-926474-03-0, 24 pp.

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